Cake Decorating Class!

A few weeks ago, I took the plunge and paid $20 for a 4-class Wilton Cake Decorating Course at the local Michael’s Arts & Craft Store! I am not saying this is the best and only cake decorating instruction out there, many bakeries and small business cake supplies stores offer classes as well, but this one happen to fit my budget and schedule.  I have always wanted to take their cake decorating classes, but my old work hours prevented me from ever taking their weekday evening classes from 6pm-8pm. I signed up on the Michael’s website and the classes were “on sale”! $20 is a pretty good deal for four 2 hour classes.

The only catch-of course– is that your twenty bucks pays solely for the instruction, everything else: pen, paper, materials, cake decorating supplies – you purchase yourself! When you sign up for the class, they send you a syllabus and a list of materials you need to bring to class.

First day of school…

2013-09-08 22.22.37-2

-1 gal ziplock bag -cloth- scissors- sticky notes -apron -pen – notebook

– 6 flat cookies for decorating (not shown)

Since it is a Wilton Course, they make you buy the Wilton Decorating Basics Student Kit for Level/Course #1, which is about $35 each at Michael’s (Each of the 3 Courses requires a new “kit” for $35). I did some research and decided to buy the Wilton Ultimate Cake Decorating Set! You know what they say, “Go big or go home!”

2013-09-08 23.21.59I’m not trying to promote this particular item, but I just figured it is a good investment. It comes with everything I need for all 3 courses and I just know I will be able to use all the tools in the future. Plus I got a good deal: the Kit sells at retail for $199 at Michael’s, I got a Labor Day weekend coupon for 50% off (even better than their usual 40% coupons)! So with tax, I paid $108 for all this!

2013-09-08 23.25.10

2013-09-08 23.43.45Aren’t they beautiful?

I am super excited to start class tomorrow. This is the first time I’ve taken any sort of cooking/baking class, I really feel like this will elevate my skills and experience. I love being self-taught, but I am also looking forward to getting some expert guidance and I love hands-on learning! I will be updating with posts about each of my classes and more details on the kit tools as I learn to use them!


Cupcake Tips from the Cake Boss

I came across this video on my Yahoo! home page and was like “ohhhh!” Some pretty useful tips I definitely want to remember next time I make cupcakes.

Cupcake Tips from the Cake Boss Article

Cupcake Tips from the Cake Boss Video

Note to self: invest in an awesome turntable.