Christmas Presents in the Kitchen!!

I decided to share some fun new kitchen tools I received for Christmas this year! As more friends and family realize my growing passion for cooking, they buy me fun stuff to cook and bake with- knowing these are gifts that keep on giving! And it’s definitely nice to receive kitchen things I want or need, because as a social worker I don’t always have the “dough” to make dough. (HAHA.)

Whenever I pass bookstores I often get lost in the stacks of the cooking section. My old roommate and good friend got me this lovely baking book full of scrumptious-sounding recipes I can’t wait to try in the new year.


I always say that when I “grow up” and I have my own house, there is one requirement: it must has an awesome kitchen. An awesome kitchen that will have room to store my awesome tools and appliances. I hope I can find a place in my tiny in-law apartment for this guy.


DSCN3137I have heard wonderful things about slow cookers. This appliance does it all: bakes, makes stews, cooks chilis, and brings out flavors in meat dishes. It’s also perfect for lazy people like me because you just throw it all into the pot and leave it for hours. My boyfriend got me this (because I asked for it…hehe.) and I’m super excited to make some hearty, meat-filled meals for him. As a bonus this Crock-Pot has a really pretty design!!