Wilton Course 2: Flower and Cake Design (Day 3 & 4)

2014-02-19 19.17.11

Week 3 of the Wilton Course 2 was pretty much more practice of making flowers, that week: bright sunny daffodils and delicate little violets – both great for the upcoming spring season!

2014-02-19 19.19.19 2014-02-19 19.19.23

One the last class, we got to bring what we learned in the past few weeks all together. At home we designed and planned what cake design we wanted (well at least we were supposed to, I wasn’t a very good prepared student). We practiced and made more flowers at home and let them harden to bring to class. I decided to make a simple violet cake.

I over mixed my cake batter and it came out with a giant dome that I had to even out with a knife, unfortunately I realized I should really invest in a cake leveler. Thankfully most flaws were hidden by layers upon layers of icing! We started off learning to do a basket weave design to cover the cake up, it was surprisingly easy and creates a complex-looking design on the cake. The picture of the cake slice below will reveal the ridiculous amount of icing used.

2014-02-26 19.26.38 2014-02-26 19.26.29 2014-02-26 19.26.42

I started by adding the large violets in a bunch as the center piece of the cake. Then I started “sticking” the little violets to the sides as “randomly-even” as possible all around the cake.

2014-02-26 19.48.15 2014-02-26 19.48.25 2014-02-26 19.54.54

After making sure the flowers were where I wanted them to be, I piped little leaves and foliage to give it some color. Makes a big difference!

2014-02-26 21.06.35

2014-02-26 21.09.43

This was a cake to look at not to eat, it definitely was a super-sweet cake and I sadly ended up tossing most of it. I know I still have a long way to go, but even practicing this takes real dedicated time, effort and lots of money buy supplies (and a lot of dish washing!)


2 thoughts on “Wilton Course 2: Flower and Cake Design (Day 3 & 4)

  1. It’s great hearing about your progress. Don’t be disheartened, your cake looks lovely and it all takes loads of practice at first.
    A good tip I learned from my trainer was to use instant mash for piping practice. You can colour it with paste colour if you like, to make it look better, but it doesn’t set, so you can pipe over and over and just scrape it off. Pipe onto parchment or a cake board for flat practice, or onto a cake dummy for more realistic practice. It can save money on materials when you’re just practising.

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