Wilton Course 2: Flower and Cake Design (Day 2)

It’s amazing what you can do with 2 pounds of powdered sugar and some water! All these flowers requires a very stiff icing called royal icing. Thank goodness for my Kitchen Aid stand mixer because anything less powerful and the icing would have been too hard to mix. This is embarrassing but I woke up with a sore arm from mixing in the pink dye!

2014-02-12 22.46.04

It’s no where near perfect, but I’m finally starting to understand how to make the rose. Royal icing dries and hardens so quickly you can make these 2 weeks in advance and store them until you are ready to put them on your cake or cupcakes.

2014-02-12 19.52.15

2014-02-12 19.52.19

My floppy primroses….no matter what I do I can’t seem to get them to look like the teacher’s! We practiced making yellow rosebuds, apple blossoms and primroses too!

2014-02-12 19.52.41

Neat advice from our teacher: store flowers in muffin tins to keep them safe and allow them to air dry.

2014-02-12 22.45.49-1


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