Wilton Cake Decorating Class- Lesson 4

All good things must come to an end…and my classmates and I couldn’t believe that we were already on our last lesson!

These classes totally made my Mondays, but I’ve been so busy with 2 jobs and other obligations that the end was bittersweet. The preparation for the classes takes quite a good amount of my Sunday nights. At times it did become stressful. But I have absolutely no regrets taking these classes, they were good therapy for a stressful month.

So this course had 4 lessons and totaled 8 hours, in those 8 hours we learned everything from baking cake to making roses, this last day we put all those new skills to use!

2013-09-30 08.15.29

I gave in and bought Tip #789 aka “The Cake Icer” and it made such a difference! Hate to admit it but I definitely needed this. Tip #789 helps create the right thickness of the icing to cover the cake and not pull crumbs when smoothing it with a spatula.

2013-09-30 19.13.49

This last class was the hardest for me, I could not for the life of me get the darn “ribbon rose” right! The instructor had to practically hold my hand through the steps and my roses still came out all funky. Believe me everyone else’s did not look like mine.

2013-09-30 19.24.28

When decorating a cake, writing goes first so you ensure yourself to have enough space. Not really knowing what I was going to do with this cake and who I was going to give this to, I wrote a very vague message.

2013-09-30 19.35.03

Next we learned to transfer our flowers on to the cake with clean scissors. It was pretty exciting to see this cake come together, step by step.

2013-09-30 19.44.47

Then you add the leaves and the border. I decided to use the same light teal color as the lettering for my border with my favorite designs: rosettes. Doing the border takes a lot of patience and a steady hand- let me tell ya!

2013-09-30 19.52.29

Lastly I just added some “vines” so that the roses look like they are bordering the message. I had plenty of icing to do more but I do like the simplicity of this cake.

2013-09-30 19.52.35

2013-09-30 19.52.42

2013-09-30 19.57.04 copy

Ohhh….so official!

2013-09-30 20.27.52

4 weeks ago I never would have thought that I could do this! I can’t wait for someone’s birthday to come up so I can practice more!


One thought on “Wilton Cake Decorating Class- Lesson 4

  1. For just learning you’ve done great, I just wanted to let you know that the reason your having trouble with the roses and why they are cracking is because your icing is to dry. Otherwise great job. Most don’t catch on to making roses for a long time, once your icing is the right consistency they will be perfect.Amazing job.

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