Wilton Cake Decorating Class- Lesson 2

In Week 2 of my cake decorating class – we really jumped right into decorating our first cake! But just like any class you take….there was a big homework assignment: bring a frosted cake. So this was me rushing Sunday night to get a cake ready for class. I decided to just make a basic vanilla cake.

      2013-09-15 19.35.55

I am trying to stagger my purchases of tools so I held off buy the cake leveler. I used a knife and as you can tell it was not perfect. I did buy a cake turntable though which came turned out to be very handy.

2013-09-15 22.33.35

Yikes! Even with the tips from our instructor, I failed to frost the cake without picking up some crumbs. This was such a frustrating process and definitely requires some practice. Smoothing it out with parchment paper and a plastic “iron” does help a lot. Ready for class!

2013-09-16 08.22.14

In class we colored our frosting and made it to the right consistency. We got to choose two simple patterns to work with: a cupcake or a fish.

2013-09-16 19.04.10

We traced a mirrored image of the pattern onto a parchment paper and then with a thin tip traced it with piping gel. Piping gel is a very gooey sticky clear gel that I realize I hate, especially when it starts drying! When transferring the pattern onto the cake you have to do it very confidently and quickly.

2013-09-16 19.07.18

We were all so excited to decorate our first cakes! I’m a little more hesitant to dump food coloring in my frosting so my colors came out very pastel. The chain of blue-white swirl frosting was just a happy accident because I was lazy about mixing and also covered up the patches of missing frosting from the side of the cake.

2013-09-16 19.55.19


2013-09-16 19.55.24

You can see on the bottom corner what the fish is suppose to look like. Why does mine look like a crazy bird?

2013-09-16 20.43.46

Time to eat my homework!


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