It’s 11pm on a Wednesday night and I had to whip up something quick for (another) work potluck a few weeks ago and luckily this quick, simple, yet delicious brownie recipe came to the rescue. This MMmm…Brownie recipe is pot to pan – less clean up!

2013-07-31 23.08.47

Start by melting the sugar, butter, and water in a medium pot (make sure it’s big enough for the ingredients you will add later). One of the best things about this particular recipe is that it does not require soften butter- so if I did not plan ahead and leave my butter out at room temperature that’s okay!

2013-07-31 23.10.27

Stir in 1 1/2 cups of semisweet chocolate chips (I used mini chips which helps it melt faster). These brownies are super-rich and moist because it uses chocolate chips instead of cocoa powder like some brownie recipes.

2013-07-31 23.13.10

After adding in the rest of the wet ingredients: eggs and vanilla, combine the dry ingredients and add to the pot.

2013-07-31 23.17.59-1

I think at this point of the night I started getting tired and randomly added whatever I could find in the kitchen- I wanted to give these plain brownies I little something-something. I stirred in marshmallows and walnuts for a Rocky Road twist.

2013-07-31 23.25.49 2013-08-01 00.16.02










Maybe it was the intention of the orginal recipe to make really rich, chewy brownies, but the time I baked the brownies was no where long enough. I baked it for an additional 15-20 minutes so when I poked a toothpick in the center it finally came out clean.

2013-08-01 08.02.58

These brownies certainly live up to the name “MMmmmmm!”

2013-08-01 08.03.59

Now I just need a big tall glass of (soy) milk!


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