2-Ingredient Healthy-licious “Pancakes”

As you may be able to tell from a few of my recent posts, I’ve been on a health kick and that means finding creative, healthy, yet delicious recipes to try! I’ve also recently discovered Blogilates and this girl rocks socks. She also introduced the healthy banana pancakes that just uses TWO ingredients. So no excuses! This recipe is cheap, easy, fast, and-most importantly- surprisingly delicious!

Here is a video recipe:

I got to go into work a little later than usual, so I finally had to time to cook a real breakfast and eat it (and take pics of it).

2013-07-10 09.28.01

Get a banana (preferably a very ripe one) and 2 whole eggs – mash it all together.

2013-07-10 09.33.33

Whisk until quite watery, it’s okay if there’s some small chunks in there.

2013-07-10 09.37.33

Heat a nonstick skillet or pan with some olive, coconut or vegetable oil. Drop big spoonfuls of the batter in and cook until it looks solid enough to flip over. Once they start getting a little brown they really do start looking like pancakes!

2013-07-10 09.52.29

A lovely breakfast with 1/2 a sugar-free muffin and some earl grey tea with almond milk. The pancakes were so good, I wish I had made more! Of course they aren’t going to be fluffy or “cakey” like regular pancakes, but they are low-cal, gluten-free, and all that jazz. I was planning to drizzle some honey or agave nectar on it but I realize the banana gives it a light, sweet taste already, no need for anything else!

A lot of people who tried the recipe, added their own twists to it like adding some oat flour or oats for those who really want a more pancake texture. You can also add in anything you’d add into a regular pancake: blueberries, chocolate chips, cinnamon, or crushed nuts.



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