1 Ingredient “Ice Cream” + endless twists!

Summer is officially here! And with that I think of two things: sweet cool ice cream….and swimsuit season. I don’t know about you but the first part makes me happier. Now with this mind-boggling-ly simple recipe for low-fat, super-easy “ice cream” you can enjoy both!

I just came back from hitting the gym (swim suit season), but I’m craving something sweet and cool (ice cream). I purposely keep no ice cream in the house to tempt me and I froze banana slices in the freezer earlier today. Now to have ice cream, all I need is a banana and a blender!

2013-06-28 22.28.41

My old roommate in grad school taught me this, when you blend a frozen banana it becomes a creamy, smooth mixture that resembles ice cream and has very little banana taste to it! Toss the slices in a blender along with whatever “twist” you want to flavor it with. Today I have Safeway’s version of Nutella, tapped a spoonful of that in and blended away!

*You may have to add a little bit of almond milk or soy milk if the frozen pieces don’t seem to be touching the blades. I don’t know my blender was having some technical difficulties. But don’t put too much in or else it will become a smoothie not ice cream!

2013-06-28 22.42.40

And voila! It’s easy, it’s cheap, it’s healthy, and it’s yummy….what more can you ask for?

*If the “ice cream”‘s consistency is kind of runny, then stick it back in a fridge for a few minutes.

The best part is there is an endless list of toppings for whatever your tastebuds desire:

  • cocoa powder
  • coffee powder
  • marshmallows
  • almond butter
  • vanilla wafers
  • oreos
  • strawberries
  • sea salt, honey
  • agave nectar
  • pretzels, caramel, chocolate chips

Here is a great website with some more great ideas and if you browse around the web there are tons out there! Have fun!


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