Brunchin’ At Home with Fluffy Yogurt-Scrambled Eggs

My weather app lied to me when it said “73 degrees” with a little picture of a sun. I look out the window to see fog encroaching on the houses like a bad horror movie. But who says you have to go out for a yummy Sunday brunch?

I added plain yogurt to my scrambled eggs along with spinach and chopped up mushrooms for a healthy dish. There’s a lot of yogurt-infused breakfast recipes out there, I just used this one from The yogurt really gives it an interesting flavor and makes the eggs extra fluffy as long as you do not over cook the eggs.


I added a side of turkey bacon (love love love turkey bacon), a side of fruit that needed to be eaten. And, yes, that is a Chinese tea cup that I used as a mini side bowl. See didn’t even need to change out of my PJs! Happy Sunday!


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