Banana Cake

It’s really hard for me to eat fruit usually but I seem to love using it in baking, especially bananas! Yes, it’s another banana recipe but this time it’s banana cake. I’ve never made a banana cake before but it seemed fitting for the emerging Spring weather- something lighter and fluffier than banana bread. This recipe I used is from Banana Cake VI.


A few days before this idea hit me, my boyfriend was nice enough to go to the store to help me get some buttermilk for my previous recipe: Blueberry muffins, but he got me a huge carton of it! I had a ton left over so what was I to do? Keep baking of course.


This recipe was a bit labor intensive as it require 4 separate mixtures to be slowly combined together.

(From left to right: sugar and butter creamed, dry ingredients, butter milk, mashed banana mixture)


Mix mix mix! Mixing the good ol’ fashion way with my red spatula from Target. Good arm exercise at least.


Ready for the oven! I did not take a picture but I actually added some left over cinnamon sugar streusel from the previous “To Die For Blueberry Muffins”….I wasn’t sure what it would taste like so I only spread it on half of the cake. Turned out great though! I should have known….how can you go wrong with streusel!

DSCN3357 DSCN3358


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