“To Die For” Blueberry Muffins

My work is a nonprofit agency that served low-income youth and families so we get food donations from the Food Bank every Tuesday to give out foods. It’s a work perk that staff get first dibs on the good stuff. Every Tuesday – you never know what you will get: celery, onions, strawberries, potatoes…granola bars near expiration date. Last week, I couldn’t believe how lucky we were to get packs of organic blueberries!!! I took two boxes but they started going bad and I was wary of eating them raw so I decided to bake them!


This “To Die For” Blueberry Muffins is from Allrecipes.com. I especially love that this has a crunchy sugar top- extra delicious but definitely not extra healthy.


Pretty standard recipe, mix the dry ingredients and mix the wet ingredients, then combine together. I increased the recipe for an even 12 muffins instead of the 8 in the original recipe. Also I don’t usually have cow milk at home, so I sub’ed with sweetened soy milk.


I added more blueberries than the recipe called for, but you can never have too many delicious juicy blueberries can you? DSCN3273


Lots of sugar, LOTS of butter, and cinnamon for the topping. The recipe called for WAY too much, I had a whole half a bowl left even after topping the muffins very generously with the sugar topping.


I coated the top of the muffin pan, so when the muffin tops overflowed it won’t stick. I wanted to make these muffins cafe-style with big “muffin tops”.

They came out wonderfully after 25 mins in the oven. They were fluffy, sweet, and juicy- I absolutely LOVED the crunchy, sugary topping.

DSCN3276 DSCN3281 DSCN3283 DSCN3285

Can’t wait to see what we get next week at work!


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