Waffles…S’more Waffles

You know what the best part about Monday is? Surviving it.

You get home drop your shoes, your bags, shed your jacket, and jump into your sweats as fast as you can. I have been craving Korean food since last week, but I’ve also been excited to try making my own Vietnamese spring rolls. I made kbbq chicken spring rolls.



Afterwards I was stuffed but I always have a second stomach for dessert. Only thing keeping me from going out for something sweet was laziness and a 40 degree night. So I scrounged around my kitchen for anything sweet. I found frozen blueberry waffles and lightning struck.


It’s marshmallows and choco chips again. I just arranged then in the little slots of my frozen waffles and stuck them in the toaster oven for 10 mins baking at 300 degrees and then added 5 mins of toasting at the end to get that golden brown, crispy top of the marshmallows.

This would be great for kids and easily customized with whatever you want: ice cream, honey, nuts, NUTELLA, peaches, and bananas. You can probably arrange special patterns and pictures with the chocolate chips too!


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