Broccoli Bites

I stumbled upon these little broccoli bites on one of the internet’s latest form of time-wasting: Pintrest. The site is a great way to find ideas and inspiration, especially for cooking and crafting. These broccoli bites are adapted from Stacey Snacks.

Even though broccoli is one of those “yucky” foods scorned by picky children all over the world along with veggies like brussel sprouts and peas, I absolutely love broccoli! They’re inexpensive, versatile and known as a healthy “cleanser” for your body.


It was also a great way to use up cheese left over from my Baked Penne with Roasted Vegetables recipe and my Chili recipe.


I did not have “Italian bread crumbs” so I mixed some Italian seasoning with Trader Joe’s organic bread crumbs and it worked out!


Less clean up for me! The best kind of recipe: all the ingredients in 1 bowl!


Instead of making patties with my hands, it was actually faster and neater to use a mold. I used a plastic 1/5 cup measuring cup and packed in the mix so that it stayed together when i dropped it on to the parchment paper.


Flipping them over half way through is definitely important, gave them good golden crispy shells.


They came out great, however when I taste-tested it was not as awesome as I expected. It has a great broccoli flavor and was not too mushy in the middle, I still feel like it needed something more….like a dipping sauce or something. I have found myself nom-ing on them each meal or when I feel like I need to snack on something.


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