Best Chocolate Chip Cookies with a Holiday Twist!

So despite some holiday season sniffles, I got the energy to make some good ol’ fashion chocolate chip cookies. Of course there are countless of recipes online and I’m sure everyone thinks theirs is the best. However I wanted to give this Best Chocolate Chip Cookies a try and use a bag of Tollhouse dark chocolate and mint chips that I bought to make holiday goodies.

DSCN2944Butter, sugar, and more sugar!

DSCN2945Key is to add every thing one at a time and make sure it is mixed thoroughly.


DSCN2948At this point it was time to put down the electric hand mixer (some day a Kitchen Aid stand mixer….some day….) and work those arm muscles and beat in the flour and chips with old fashion hand mixing.


DSCN2952This is the point where I wish I would just invest in a good cookie dough scooper, I think it would be a life changer. I’m also a horrible cookie dough spacer, I guarantee there’s going to be some “twins” cookies when I take these out of the oven. Even though the recipe said to keep them in the oven for only 10 minutes, my first batch came out a little under-baked. I’d say 12 minutes to 13 was perfect for my oven.

DSCN2955I tried to make these extra small to make a big batch to share at work, these turned out great! The mint and dark chocolate are one of the best “holiday flavors” ever!

I can’t believe this was my first cookie recipe for my blog! The recipe was straightforward and easy, it makes a great basic cookie recipe and you can substitute the chocolate chips for all sorts of things like M&Ms, nuts, and dried fruits! Mix and match to your tastes.

Happy Holidays! 🙂 Merry eating~


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