Fuyu Persimmon Bundt Cake

I feel like it’s been awhile since I made something sweet! I am extra excited to share this recipe with you all for two reasons.

1. I get to use these “special” fruits: Persimmons. 

DSCN2850When I was growing up these were very familiar in my home, because persimmons are a popular fruit in Asia. However, recently these are gaining popularity as you can find these in big supermarkets, Whole Foods and local farmers markets! During the fall/winter, persimmons are in season and my landlady kindly gave us a whole bag of these orange gems. There are 2 main kinds of persimmons you can find in stores:

FUYU brighter, yellow-orange skin, squat shaped. These are firmer and can be eating when they are hard. Very sweet and crunchy- not juicy at all.

HACHIYAHas a bright, deep orange color when ready to be eaten. These are plumper and heart-shaped. These must be soft and ripe before consuming or else I heard it has a horrible chalky, bitter taste.

A majority of persimmon recipes I found online were using the Hachiya variety because the soft pulp is probably easier to utilize. Fuyus can be used to make salsa, cooked with meats, baked, as well as dried for snacking.

2. I get to finally use my new bundt cake mold that I got for my birthday…last year!  

This bundt cake recipe was taken from Food Librarian, she adapted the recipe from California Fuyu Growers Association (I suppose there’s an association for everything).

DSCN2851Cutting these were not as easy as I thought….while persimmons do not have a high water content, after peeling the skin off they proved to be very slippery to hold and kinda “slimy”. I know, not very appealing to describe a fruit. Sprinkle baking soda over the persimmons and set aside.

DSCN2852I ran out of my usual bottle of vanilla extract and had to use my souvenir bottle of Mexican vanilla extra I got on my Caribbean cruise a few months ago. *worried face*

DSCN2853Mix up the soften butter, sugar, eggs, vanilla, and lemon juice. Then add in the Fuyu mixture.

DSCN2854Lastly, sift the dry ingredients: flour, spices, etc. Blend into the Fuyu mixture. Then pour into the bundt cake mold (Ahhh! So messy!)DSCN2855

Don’t forgot the walnuts and golden raisins (Must-haves in the recipe in my opinion!) It’s a pretty dense cake, so it will need to make for a good 55 mins-1 hour. Note: The original recipe did not indicate what size bundt cake mold to use, but this recipe is probably for a 9 cup mold, I did not know and it overflowed in my smaller 6 cup mold.


It was a bit difficult getting this to come out of the mold and some corners broke off, but over all not horrible for my first try!

DSCN2860I decided it looked plain by itself and to hide the broken corners and flaws I added a lemon glaze!! I mixed the left over lemon juice I had with powdered sugar and vanilla. Mixed it well and drizzled it over the cake.

DSCN2862Mmmm….the cake is dense, but moist. It is VERY sweet because persimmons naturally have a lot of sugar. I love how the walnut pieces give it a crunchy texture and compliments the sweetness. Have with tea or coffee!



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