Zombie Cupcakes

So it’s Spring Break in San Francisco and our youth at work requested some red velvet cupcakes for our meeting this week. Red velvet is one of my fav recipes….who doesn’t love that rich, bright red moist cake with sweet cream cheese frosting? I’ve used this Food Network recipe many times now and it’s definitely a solid winner.

1st made-from-scratch cake for our last International Social Welfare student caucus meeting (May 2011)

200 cupcakes for agency Halloween party (2011)

Studies have found that colors can influence our behaviors. Red and pink are believed to  open your appetite- ever wonder why those Asian bakeries pack their goodies in pink cardboard boxes? The red dye also hides the brown color from the cocoa powder. The vinegar neutralizes the taste from the large amount of dye.

So last night after a long day at work I was excited to dedicate my night to making cupcakes for my kids. However…..when the recipe called for red dye…… I realized it was the one thing I forgot at the store!! I had yellow, blue, and green.

I flashed back to Los Angeles’ Milk and their famous BLUE velvet cake! Red dye for red velvet cupcakes…blue dye for blue velvet right??? Um, apparently not…

As I started mixing the cocoa-colored dry ingredients with the blue-colored buttermilk mix- it started turning into this drab greenish-gray color that just made me think “zombie” (I’ve been watching too much Walking Dead).

I ended up with these “Zombie Brains” that are more appropriate for Halloween.


This is one of those times when substitutions or alterations to a recipe did not work in my favor. I was almost too scared to even bring these to work, but luckily they tasted like red velvet and the frosting helped redeem them a bit.


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